Public Water Supply

Weishuhn Engineering, Inc has assisted developers, landowners, businesses, churches and subdivisions with the design, permitting and construction oversight of their public water supply wells. State and federal regulations define Public Water Supply (PWS) in 30 TAC 290.Holiday harbor Public Works System

A public water supply well is required if you serve water to the public, if there are 15 service connections to the well or serve at least 25 individuals for at least 60 days out of the year.

WEI designs public water supply wells with the associated piping and storage. WEI then completes the permit process according to 30 TAC 290 Subchapter D. WEI is available to assist in the bid process to complete the infrastructure for your development. WEI will then complete the process with the analytical report and as built drawings. For existing systems, WEI has redesigned tanks, permitted the recoating of tanks and added Arsenic Regulation Compliant blending loops to comply with TCEQ regulations (30TAC290). WEI will also contact the local Ground Water Conservation District to handle permitting at the local level.

If you have an existing well and are unsure of its construction specifications, this information may be available on the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation website.


  • Holiday Harbor Homeowners Association Public Water Supply System, Matagorda, Texas;
  • St. Rochs Church, Mentz, Texas;
  • Ms Mollys Tavern, Glidden, Texas;
  • Grimes County Properties, Anderson, Texas; and
  • West End Water Supply Corporation, Industry, Texas.


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